The Big Move - Part 4

Every Type A person knows that no plan is perfect, despite our every effort. And unfortunately, my packing plan is no different. I wasn't able to purge as much as I would have liked, plans changed, and my box labeling got a bit sloppy. But in the end the move went off without a hitch - and thats what really matters! The color coding was, by far, the most effective and efficient part of my move. The moving itinerary has also proved helpful in the unpacking process. Overall I am relieved and exhausted, but happy. Glad to be beginning the next chapter of my life! :)

my apartment during the packing chaos

my apartment empty... so surreal!

I hope that you can learn from my experience and have a great plan, do what you can, and be satisfied with a job well done! And since I won't be posting again for a few more days... Happy Memorial Day Weekend!! 

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