The Big Move - Part 3

The best part of moving? Color coding your rooms/boxes!!

Steps to color coding your move: 

  1. Assign a color to each room of your future residence 
  2. Make sure you use bright colors that stand out 
  3. Create a legend or key that is easily displayed for you and your family to see during the packing process
  4. Label each box as soon as it is packed to assure that you won't mislabel a box 
  5. Try to make your labels as large as possible so they are easily seen 
  6. If using movers, make sure they are aware what room each color stands for 
  7. Pat yourself on the back when you see how much easier this made your move!

I recommend using Post-It Write, Peel, & Stick Label Pads! They come in different sizes, bright colors, and are so easy to remove! 

And using them is even easier! Just write whatever you want on the label (optional), stick it on the box, fold on the dotted line, tear, and you're done!

These labels are so multifunctional that they could be used for a million different labeling purposes - not just moving! They do come in white as well if you are looking for a more clean look for labeling around the house. Happy color coding!

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