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Happy summer everyone! Now that school is out and Texas heat is in full force, it seems like a great time to discuss travel tips for all of those summer vacations going on. My friend Matt is a self-proclaimed "expert packer" and is here as my first guest blogger to share some incredible tips on traveling and packing smart! Enjoy! 

Matt in Hong Kong

"General packing tips: 
  • Pack light, whenever possible try to limit yourself to a carry on. You'll avoid baggage fees, time at the baggage collection area, and the possibility of the airline losing your luggage.
  • I prefer to use a carry on size suitcase with wheels. I prefer these to backpacks because it is easier to sort through clothes without unpacking an entire backpack. When selecting a carry on weight is important, as many budget airlines restrict the weight of your carry on.
  • If possible, buy unique color luggage to deter thieves from walking off with your bags at the security screening or luggage retrieval.

Clever luggage tricks: 
  • If your bag is overweight when checking or carrying on, remove some of the heavier articles of clothing and put them on. They can only restrict the weight of the luggage, not the person! 
  • If you plan on packing a pair of tennis shoes, tie the shoes together through a loop on the outside of your carry on. This frees up valuable space inside your suitcase or backpack. 
  • Roll up shirts and pants instead of folding them. This allows you to pack more densely than folding.
  • Plan outfits ahead of time to avoid having to dig to the bottom of the suitcase to retrieve clothes. 
  • Store all liquids and electronics in an external pocket for easy accessibility during security screenings.
  • Have a folder with all boarding passes, itineraries, and addresses available for easy reference. When traveling abroad it's a good idea to use Google Translate to translate the directions into the native language, especially in Asia, where many languages are characters instead of letters. 
  • Before leaving research where the airport is in relation to your accommodation. The international airports in cities such as Paris and Hong Kong are a considerable distance from the city centers. Know your transportation options from the airport to avoid a costly cab fare.
  • Oh! And carry an empty trash bag in each suitcase to use as a cover in case you're caught out in the rain."

Thank you so much to Matt for being my first guest blogger! I hope y'all enjoyed his great advice and if you have any tips for traveling or packing, please share by leaving a comment! 

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