The Big Move - Part 4

Every Type A person knows that no plan is perfect, despite our every effort. And unfortunately, my packing plan is no different. I wasn't able to purge as much as I would have liked, plans changed, and my box labeling got a bit sloppy. But in the end the move went off without a hitch - and thats what really matters! The color coding was, by far, the most effective and efficient part of my move. The moving itinerary has also proved helpful in the unpacking process. Overall I am relieved and exhausted, but happy. Glad to be beginning the next chapter of my life! :)

my apartment during the packing chaos

my apartment empty... so surreal!

I hope that you can learn from my experience and have a great plan, do what you can, and be satisfied with a job well done! And since I won't be posting again for a few more days... Happy Memorial Day Weekend!! 

Printable: Moving Itinerary

Here's a moving related free printable for everyone! It comes in two colors and is a great way to keep track of each box during your move, what room it will be moved into, and what is in it! This list can go as detailed as you want but doesn't require much effort. 

This is the best way to know whats in each box because you have a comprehensive list. You can quickly scan to find the box that has that one item you're looking for, know what room to look in, and see what # box it is in. It can also help you make sure that each box made it to your new residence!

All around this is a great printable! I hope you enjoy it! :) 

The Big Move - Part 3

The best part of moving? Color coding your rooms/boxes!!

Steps to color coding your move: 

  1. Assign a color to each room of your future residence 
  2. Make sure you use bright colors that stand out 
  3. Create a legend or key that is easily displayed for you and your family to see during the packing process
  4. Label each box as soon as it is packed to assure that you won't mislabel a box 
  5. Try to make your labels as large as possible so they are easily seen 
  6. If using movers, make sure they are aware what room each color stands for 
  7. Pat yourself on the back when you see how much easier this made your move!

I recommend using Post-It Write, Peel, & Stick Label Pads! They come in different sizes, bright colors, and are so easy to remove! 

And using them is even easier! Just write whatever you want on the label (optional), stick it on the box, fold on the dotted line, tear, and you're done!

These labels are so multifunctional that they could be used for a million different labeling purposes - not just moving! They do come in white as well if you are looking for a more clean look for labeling around the house. Happy color coding!

Vacation Time!

What a crazy week this has been and what a crazy week I have coming up! I packed this week, moved this afternoon, packed for a vacation tonight, and will be on vacation this week! After my vacation, I have a wedding to go to for a dear friend of mine :)

Despite this craziness, I have a few posts that are scheduled for this week so you won't be without organizational inspiration! If you need to reach me for any questions or requests, however, I will be unable to respond for a little over a week.

[ image source ]

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


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Reader Question: Desktop Organization

When I logged on to Facebook yesterday morning I was greeted with the most lovely surprise: a question from a reader! Yay! This question came from my friend Amy. Enjoy! 

"Hey Megan! So... I moved home and I'm trying to figure out how to organize my desk. After lots of thinking I figured I should just ask the best organizer! I have a huge white kitchen table that I use as a desk. I have my computer and extra monitor on my desk and I'd like to keep the essentials on my desk (stapler, hole punch, pencils, etc.) rather than in a drawer. Any ideas? - Amy" 

Amy's desk

Well Amy, I think the best solution for your desktop woes is going to be easy (and inexpensive) to do! Before we can accessorize your desk, there are a few things we have to do. First, clean off your desktop except for bare necessities (computer monitor,  speakers, etc.). Next, go through all of your office supplies and determine what you will actually use and need to keep. If you still have stationary from years ago that you haven't touched, chances are you won't now. Now that you know what office supplies you have, and need to use, you can shop effectively! 

When I visualize the best way to organize your desk, I'm picturing something very similar to the desktop storage pictured below:

image source ]

This picture shows that you can store your necessities on your desk and still have a clean and organized result! Below is a close up of the stackable, functional, and changeable desktop organizing system.

image source ]

The reason these organizers work is because they allow you to store papers, staplers, hole punchers, pens, pencils, and all of the necessary knickknacks that a home office needs. These organizers are from the Martha Stewart collection featured at Staples. They average about $11 a piece but vary depending on the style and accessories of choice. They come in three colors - white, teal, and espresso. Since you purchase each piece separately, you could buy just 1 piece or the whole collection depending on your needs! If you want to buy the least amount of desk accessories as possible, I'd recommend 2 paper trays and using the top one to hold your stapler, hole punch, etc. and act as a shelf for the things you need at your convenience. 

image source ]

If Martha Stewart isn't your style, or you just want to be more colorful, The Container Store offers stackable paper trays in a variety of fun colors! They also offer a transparent version of Martha Stewart's stackable and interchangeable desktop organization system. 

image source ]

image source ]

Another option could be to use a tray - of any kind - to create a designated place to keep it all! This allows you to have a more personal style and add some more interest to your study area. A pretty space is a functional one! 

[ image source ]

You could buy a tray of your own personal style, or get crafty and take a cooking sheet and turn it into something beautiful! 

[ image source ]
[ image source ]

One of the best things about the tray is that it can be easily moved if you need to clear off your desktop for a big project! Well Amy, I hope this helped you! Make sure to send me a picture after you organize your desk! :) Good luck! 

If you have any more tips for Amy or suggestions on how to organize her desk, please leave a comment below! 

Guest Blogger: Travel Tips

Happy summer everyone! Now that school is out and Texas heat is in full force, it seems like a great time to discuss travel tips for all of those summer vacations going on. My friend Matt is a self-proclaimed "expert packer" and is here as my first guest blogger to share some incredible tips on traveling and packing smart! Enjoy! 

Matt in Hong Kong

"General packing tips: 
  • Pack light, whenever possible try to limit yourself to a carry on. You'll avoid baggage fees, time at the baggage collection area, and the possibility of the airline losing your luggage.
  • I prefer to use a carry on size suitcase with wheels. I prefer these to backpacks because it is easier to sort through clothes without unpacking an entire backpack. When selecting a carry on weight is important, as many budget airlines restrict the weight of your carry on.
  • If possible, buy unique color luggage to deter thieves from walking off with your bags at the security screening or luggage retrieval.

Clever luggage tricks: 
  • If your bag is overweight when checking or carrying on, remove some of the heavier articles of clothing and put them on. They can only restrict the weight of the luggage, not the person! 
  • If you plan on packing a pair of tennis shoes, tie the shoes together through a loop on the outside of your carry on. This frees up valuable space inside your suitcase or backpack. 
  • Roll up shirts and pants instead of folding them. This allows you to pack more densely than folding.
  • Plan outfits ahead of time to avoid having to dig to the bottom of the suitcase to retrieve clothes. 
  • Store all liquids and electronics in an external pocket for easy accessibility during security screenings.
  • Have a folder with all boarding passes, itineraries, and addresses available for easy reference. When traveling abroad it's a good idea to use Google Translate to translate the directions into the native language, especially in Asia, where many languages are characters instead of letters. 
  • Before leaving research where the airport is in relation to your accommodation. The international airports in cities such as Paris and Hong Kong are a considerable distance from the city centers. Know your transportation options from the airport to avoid a costly cab fare.
  • Oh! And carry an empty trash bag in each suitcase to use as a cover in case you're caught out in the rain."

Thank you so much to Matt for being my first guest blogger! I hope y'all enjoyed his great advice and if you have any tips for traveling or packing, please share by leaving a comment! 

The Big Move - Part 2

Well the week of extreme packing is here! I have a lot to do but I've got the color coded labels and the packing plan to get it all done. Below is my packing plan / to do list for each room. Once all of the boxes are checked off, I will be done packing and ready to move!

I look forward to sharing pictures and lessons on sorting through what you own, packing, and moving as this week continues! I also have some wonderful non-moving related posts planned too. Enjoy and Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's out there! 

Printables: Revised

I'm going through and revising some of my printables and I started off by revising my To Do List and my Class Assignments printables. I have removed the old versions from my printables page and replaced them with the updated version.

To Do List

Class Assignments 


Pinspiration: Washi Tape

We already know just how much I love agendas, so imagine my excitement when I came across this colorful image on pinterest! #swoon

This picture was originally posted on Take Two They're Small back in March but somehow I just discovered it via pinterest. The tape used here is called Washi Tape and I have absolutely never heard of it until now... but I love it! You can find Washi Tape all over etsy and specialty websites but I'm hoping to score some at my local craft store - I'll keep you updated!

The great thing about this Washi Tape is that it is transparent and easily removed and replaced. That kind of flexibility in a agenda is absolutely priceless! I hate it when I have to scratch things out because plans changed. Plus, the tape comes in so many different colors, patterns, and sizes, that it would be extremely helpful in color coding your schedule. 

Washi Tape FAQ

What is Washi Tape? 
Find a brief explanation here!

Where are some places that can I find Washi Tape? 

Have you ever used Washi Tape? Know where I can find some in person? Comment and share your wisdom with the rest of us! 

New Look

I am currently in the processing of designing a new look for the blog so please be patient if something looks strange while you're visiting! 

Thank you! 

The Big Move - Part 1

Well, college is coming to a close and I am moving back to Dallas in the next few weeks! That being said, get ready for some packing and moving tips coming up from me every now and then through this process. In this post I'll go over some good packing strategies and review my plan for conducting this move smoothly.

.    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    

General Packing Strategies

  1. Assign each room of your new place a color! Make sure to color code and label all boxes that should be put in that room during your move. 
  2. Number each box. Keep a list (either electronically or on pen and paper) of each box and its contents.
  3. Use Glad Press 'n Seal (or a similar product) to wrap over already organized items or difficult to move objects. See example here! This suggestion is genius! 
  4. Buy paper goods to use during the week of your move so that you can pack your dishes earlier. 
  5. Pack a suitcase that will be used for the days immediately before and after the move. That way, if you don't finish unpacking before the first night, you can still get through the night without trying to find certain boxes. 
  6. Pack an "open first" box. You can have one for each room or just one for the move in general. This should contain necessary cords, food, cooking supplies, cleaning supplies, and bathroom supplies. 
  7. Clean out your things! Go through everything you have before you begin to pack and sort it into the following categories: keep, donate, and trash. That way you will only pack and move what you need! If you haven't worn it or used it in the last year, you do NOT need it! 
  8. Use your sheets and blankets to fill boxes. If you're short on bubble wrap or packing paper when filling boxes, use the soft goods you already own! Pillows, blankets, sheets, t-shirts, pajamas, and anything else that is soft can be used to help fill your boxes and protect your items. 
.    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    

My Packing Plan

  • Buy color coded labels, sharpies, and extra large trash bags. 
  • Go through each room and sort into appropriate piles: keep, store (in my parent's attic), donate, and trash. 
  • Load storage items into car. 
  • Take donations to Goodwill. 
  • Throw trash away. 
  • Pack all decorations. 
  • Pack my suitcase for 2 days and 2 nights. 
  • Fill my "open first" box. 
  • Pack all remaining items in boxes according to their future room. 
  • Document progress and take note of lessons learned! 

.    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    

If you have any helpful moving tips or helpful links to share, please do! :)