The Big Move - Part 1

Well, college is coming to a close and I am moving back to Dallas in the next few weeks! That being said, get ready for some packing and moving tips coming up from me every now and then through this process. In this post I'll go over some good packing strategies and review my plan for conducting this move smoothly.

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General Packing Strategies

  1. Assign each room of your new place a color! Make sure to color code and label all boxes that should be put in that room during your move. 
  2. Number each box. Keep a list (either electronically or on pen and paper) of each box and its contents.
  3. Use Glad Press 'n Seal (or a similar product) to wrap over already organized items or difficult to move objects. See example here! This suggestion is genius! 
  4. Buy paper goods to use during the week of your move so that you can pack your dishes earlier. 
  5. Pack a suitcase that will be used for the days immediately before and after the move. That way, if you don't finish unpacking before the first night, you can still get through the night without trying to find certain boxes. 
  6. Pack an "open first" box. You can have one for each room or just one for the move in general. This should contain necessary cords, food, cooking supplies, cleaning supplies, and bathroom supplies. 
  7. Clean out your things! Go through everything you have before you begin to pack and sort it into the following categories: keep, donate, and trash. That way you will only pack and move what you need! If you haven't worn it or used it in the last year, you do NOT need it! 
  8. Use your sheets and blankets to fill boxes. If you're short on bubble wrap or packing paper when filling boxes, use the soft goods you already own! Pillows, blankets, sheets, t-shirts, pajamas, and anything else that is soft can be used to help fill your boxes and protect your items. 
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My Packing Plan

  • Buy color coded labels, sharpies, and extra large trash bags. 
  • Go through each room and sort into appropriate piles: keep, store (in my parent's attic), donate, and trash. 
  • Load storage items into car. 
  • Take donations to Goodwill. 
  • Throw trash away. 
  • Pack all decorations. 
  • Pack my suitcase for 2 days and 2 nights. 
  • Fill my "open first" box. 
  • Pack all remaining items in boxes according to their future room. 
  • Document progress and take note of lessons learned! 

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If you have any helpful moving tips or helpful links to share, please do! :)

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