Organize Your Closet By Color

Hi everyone! Sorry for my brief hiatus... Final exams, projects, and job interviews have completely consumed my time lately. But no worries, I've got a great plan for next week!

Today, however, I've got some tips to share with you in regards to organizing your closet. Is your closet out of control? Do you spend too much time looking for that one purple top that seems to have been eaten by your other clothes? Well be prepared to put all of that behind you, because it's time to organize your closet by color!

Uhm... did anyone else just die from how gorgeous that closet is?!? I know I did. Now lets try to move on from our closet envy and figure out exactly how to pull of a color-coded closet.

Steps to color code your closet: 
1. Separate your wardrobe into separate types of clothing (i.e., tops, sweaters, jackets, shorts, skirts, and pants). Each type of clothing needs a special "home" in your closet so make sure to go ahead and designate a certain place to hold each type of clothing.
2. Pick one kind of clothing and begin there.
3. Pick a color on the color wheel and make that the "first" color you start with. I recommend white!
4. Then go around the color wheel and put your clothes in that color order. This will make finding that certain top so much easier!
5. Repeat steps 2-4 for the remaining categories of clothing. If you're really advantageous you could color code other areas of your closet as well (i.e., shoes, purses, etc.).

So why should you color code your closet? There are about a million reasons but the best reason I can give you are that it makes finding clothes and planning outfits a much more effective process. It also makes your closet look gorgeous and organized. You'll be so proud of your wardrobe! And, hey, maybe it'll finally feel like a real wardrobe! 

Have fun color coding your closet and have a wonderful weekend!


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  3. What about clothes that are more olive colored? Brown or green?

    1. Green if it is more on the green side and brown if it is more on the brown side

  4. What about patterned clothing?