Packing Planner Printables

Just the word "packing" fills me with anxiety. Most of this anxiety is because of the dreadful packing list. My desire to be prepared for "anything" often means that I become a victim of overpacking. If you have similar issues, or are just looking for a better way to be thoughtful in your packing, then I have what you need: the Packing Planner.

This document is something that I have doodled on a piece of notebook paper more times than I can count and I am thrilled to say that it is now finally a printable! This packing planner is set up for seven days and allows you to record the weather forecast, general plans, daytime outfit, and nighttime outfit for everyday that you're gone. There is also an additional row deemed "Other Items" that is a place to put everyday items that you need to pack (i.e., cosmetics, hair products, etc.).

I have uploaded this Packing Planner in seven different colors and I hope you enjoy!

{ Download ALL seven here! }

I hope you find these helpful and if you have any special requests regarding this packing planner please let me know! :) 

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  1. LOVE this. I think our packing anxiety must be genetic... I'll def be using this in the future. I think the yellow is my fav :)