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I don't know about you but just thinking about Pinterest brings joy to my soul and a smile to my face. Thousands of pins are about organizing and being more efficient in your every day life, so I've decided to incorporate that into my weekly blog posts. Every week I will highlight some of my favorite pins about organization and creative storage solutions. So, without further ado, it's time to show you this week's pinspiration!

( Wallpaper in a Kitchen Pantry )

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Why does this work? 
- The gray background makes an unexpected statement and makes the pantry visually stimulating.
- Using baskets, containers, and labels make everything seem neat, orderly, and intentional.
- You'd never lose anything in that pantry!

Organizing tips to take away from it: 
- Use paint and wallpaper in unexpected places.
- The color gray is wonderful way to add depth without clashing with any other surrounding objects.
- Use glass containers to store grains, flour, etc. and label them to avoid confusion.
- Store cans and bulkier items at the bottom of the pantry.
- Use baskets to store loose and non-structured grocery items.
- Clear containers with plastic lids are a great way to store cereal, chips, and all kinds of snacks!

( Behind the Door Cleaning Storage )

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Why does this work? 
- Hanging these cleaning supplies on the back of the door saves space and keeps all cleaning products visible and within reach. 
- You'll never misplace a cleaning product again because each one has it's own special home!
- Hiding your cleaning supplies behind a door allows them to remain out of site from visitors and provides for much needed available space below the sink. 

Organizing tips to take away from it: 
- Repurpose organizers! Just because it's supposed to hold shoes, jewelry, or silverware doesn't mean it has to. 
- Everyone has a door! Take advantage of the doors in your home and create vertical storage space. 
- Use clear or mesh storage products in order to find items quickly. 

( Chalkboard Furniture )
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Why does this work? 
- Labeling with chalk allows you to easily know which drawer contains what you're looking for.
- The navy color of the chest blends well with any residue left from the chalk and creates a vintage and well-worn look. 
- The loose style of the handwriting gives the room an unexpectedly casual mood. 
- Chalk is temporary and allows you to reorganized and relabel the drawers as often as you want without any wasted money or effort. 

Organizing tips to take away from it: 
- Don't be afraid to add a casual feel to your organization... it doesn't have to be perfect! 
- Use label that are easy to change in areas that change often get reorganized or repurposed. 
- Chalkboard paint doesn't have to be black! Mix it with your favorite paint to get the chalkboard paint color of your dreams. 

( Clipboards Instead of Bulletin Boards )
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Why does this work? 
- Hanging multiple clipboards on the wall provides more visual interest and texture than the standard bulletin board. 
- The clip on the clipboard means you'll never have to go searching for another thumbtack again! 
- Displaying cards or important documents with a clipboard prevents any damage from occurring to the item. 
- If you're referencing a specific document while working at your desk, hanging it on the clipboard allows for easy access and puts the document right at your eye level. 

Organizing tips to take away from it: 
- Think outside the box! Reconsider everyday objects and try to think of other ways they can utilized. 
- In order to keep your office space efficient, make sure you have a place to store (or display) all the paperwork that can easily overwhelm you. 
- Next time you need a versatile but interesting way to show off something, consider a clipboard. They could be used to hang children's art, meaningful cards, save the date reminders, important deadlines, or even the goals you have for yourself. 
- Mix textures, colors, and patterns on your wall to keep the mood of your office light, fresh, and inspiring. 

( Beautiful Bookshelves )
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Why does this work? 
- The simple color scheme used on this bookshelf is unifying, simplifying, and invigorating. 
- Using magazine holders that are the same color as the bookshelf creates a less overwhelming visual. 
- Letting some objects have their own cubby fills the space without making it seem cluttered. 
- The main accent colors are scattered throughout the cubbies and keep the eye interested no matter what part of the bookshelf you're looking at. 

Organizing tips to take away from it: 
- Keep all visible storage items within your color scheme that will outlast the changing colors and shapes of your accessories. 
- Use storage boxes, files, and magazine holders to keep unsightly or unstructured objects hidden but organized. 
- Stack books on their side to give off a modern and unexpected alternative to the standard bookshelf. 
- Distribute colors sporadically throughout the bookshelf to prevent a look that feels stiff. 
- Display pieces of art on top of a taller bookshelf to provide a greater sense of purpose to the piece. 

I hope you found these pins as inspiring as I did! If you're in need of further inspiration, click the links associated with each pin and you'll find even more ideas for getting organized. Happy pinning :)

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