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Okay, so I need to confess something: I am addicted to lists. I think I spend more time making lists than I actually spend time completing the lists! Some may call it an issue, but I just think it's fun :) So it's only natural that one of my absolute favorite things to do is create documents that function as templates for my lists. I have an agenda that I absolutely adore (more on that later!) but I don't like to mess it up too much so for these templates are for my extremely detailed and ever-changing lists.

Today I'm going to share with y'all my three most used lists: Class Assignments, Weekly To Do's, and my Week at a Glance. Now feel free to use these templates in whatever way you want, but I'm going to tell you my system for staying organized!

1) Class Assignments
This is where I go through and list every class assignment I have for the next week or two. I have my classes color-coded so I actually write the assignment in the designated color for each class. I go through and put down the assignment, when its due, and once it is done I get to check off that lovely box!

2) Weekly To Do's
Next I work on my weekly to do list! This list is everything I have to do besides class work. I put down any household chores, errands to run, or anything else that's going on that I need to do. Since most of these things have to happen by a certain time (before an event, before someone comes in town, etc.) I use the due date column to designate when this must be completed by!

3) Week at a Glance
Now this is my favorite part of organizing my week! First I go through and write down any events or activities that are already scheduled that week: meetings, dinner plans, etc. Once those are written down, I go through and plan when I'm going to do the tasks from my Class Assignments list and my Weekly To Do list. For example, I may have a paper that isn't due until Friday but I'm going to work on it on Wednesday... so I put it on Wednesday's column! This helps me stay ahead of all work and not put things off until the last minute - I love it! And once you figure out how you want to do this, it really doesn't take much time at all! It's wonderful :)

So I hope you found this useful! I'm going to add these printables to my new "Free Printables" page on here so you can access them at any time. Also, if you're interested in a customized version of any of these please contact me and let me know!

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