Best Purchase Yet: My Agenda

Let's be real, I have always been a sucker for agendas. I can never go to Target or OfficeMax without staring at them, flipping through them, and convincing myself not to buy them because I already have three at home. This agenda-addiction of mine has plagued me my entire life. That is, until a few months ago. That's right ladies and gents, I have found "The One" of agendas. Its name, you ask, is MyAgenda.

Now let me give you a tour of this wonderful product. I chose this beautiful turquoise color and personalized with my name in the bottom corner. I love this tiny detail... something about having my name on something makes me so much more productive. One of my favorite features of this agenda is that it has two ribbon bookmarks. I keep one marked on the current month and one marked on the current week.

The myAgenda is very practical because it has helpful and informative pages throughout. After the introduction, it explains various ways to use this agenda, lists online resources (useful websites), toll-free numbers, and then the date of holidays for 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013. After this there is a yearly calendar for 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Next, we begin the monthly calendars! On the left, there are small monthly calendars for the month before and the six months following. Every month also has a special quote at the top of it. 

The weekly calendars are divided up into five sections: one large section at the top and four smaller sections below. Each week has a unique quote on it and a small monthly calendar for the current month and the next month. I use the top section for my weekly to do list (chores, dinner plans, meetings, etc.). Since I'm in college, I use the bottom four sections for my classes. I put due dates for those classes in there according to that week. I like to put check boxes next to everything (even dinner plans!) because I just feel such a sense of accomplishment when I get to check those boxes off. These smaller sections could be used for so many things and I just love the versatility that it provides! Once May comes, these boxes will no longer be filled with class assignments and I cannot wait to find a new way to use that space. 

After the weekly calendars, there is a vertical column for every month in 2013. This is a great space to do some future planning and make note of upcoming events! Next are eight lined pages that allow great versatility. The individual pages are titled: books, movies, music, fashion, restaurants, wines, health, and fitness. Next are pages to keep track of expense records, entertainment resources, party information, vacation ideas, and vacation planning. Then there are twenty-eight lined pages to use for whatever purpose you want! I use mine to write in schedules, workout classes, internship hours, and several other things.  

Next is a separate booklet titled "myEssentials." This is attached to the agenda with a small elastic band and is easy to take out if you desire. The purpose of this booklet is to keep permanent information (addresses, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) within reach - but also save you some serious time in the long run! You can remove this booklet after you're done with this agenda and stick it into the back of your new myAgenda. Which means, no more refilling out birthdays every year! Yay!!

If you're wondering how this system works in relation to my templates from my last post (class assignments, to do list, week at a glance) let me tell you... I primarily use those printed templates as my attempt at not procrastinating. Sometimes I re-print them several times a week because I didn't get enough done one day or something came up and changed. I fold up the most up to date version of those printouts and keep them in my agenda at all times. I primarily use my agenda, however, to keep track of due dates, meetings, and plans that usually don't change. This system really allows me to feel like I'm always in-the-know and on top of everything I've got going on in this ever-changing life!

MyAgenda can be purchased online at! I would highly recommend going and looking online at the variety of sizes, colors, and patterns available to you. They release new editions as we get closer to the next school year but they are currently selling the 2011-2012 edition at 50% off!! If you're in need of an agenda to get you through 2012, this is an incredible deal!

I hope this review of my agenda has given you some ideas on how to organize your own life, as well as given you some insight into the wide world of agendas! Keep an eye out for more regular posts from me coming up - just trying to figure out what routine will work best for my current schedule (once a week, twice a week, etc.). So please keep checking back here! :)

Note: I am receiving no compensation for this post and it is not an advertisement. Just wanting to share my personal opinion on a product that is very near and dear to my heart.


  1. Also - the Busy Body Book is veryyyy similar to this.. & they are having a sale! They also have wall and desktop calendars in the same format. Loving the blog!

    1. ELP - I've heard of the Busy Body Book but never used it, do you use it? Thank you for sharing that they're having a sale and for the wonderful compliment about the blog!

  2. Meg, I just looked at momagenda's new line of products. What do you think of the spiral planner? It looks like it has all the same stuff as the hard back planners, but it looks like it would be so much smaller/less thick. Take a look and tell me if you think it would function in the same way!

    1. Hi Heather, thanks for the heads up on their new products!

      The spiral planner seems to have the same contents as the standard momAgenda/myAgenda but just in a different packaging. It appears much lighter and comes in 2 sizes: 7x9 or 5.5x7.5. Take into account, however, that that specification does not include the actual dimension of the spiral. Another great aspect of the spiral option is that you can chose to buy a folio cover to go with it. If you go the folio option then it will be your permanent cover and you will purchase the spirals as refills every year! This could be great for the more professional look.

      I must say, however, that I am biased towards the standard myAgenda. There are more color options and I like the versatility of changing colors every year. The design of the spiral agenda alone does not entice me like that lovely leopard print myAgenda! :) BUT, if you find yourself wishing you carried your agenda more places and still want to keep the same function, I'd say that the spiral could be a great option for you!

      Summary: Its gonna be a personal choice! Both options appear to function the same way and both have their pros and cons!

      Let me know which one you end up going with! If you choose the spiral, I'd love to hear your review of it!!


  3. I love this agenda! I am really looking into purchasing one! :) I'm curious though, is it heavy? I bought an Erin Condren Life Planner last year and oh my .. It was SUPER heavy! I couldn't use it. It weighed down all my handbags. Such a shame. Please, let me know about this agenda! :)

    1. You definitely should! :) It isn't very heavy either which is what I love about it! I throw it in my purse for work or running errands all the time! I've always been intrigued by the Erin Condren Life Planner but was concerned that the binding might make it heavy. It is SO helpful to hear you confirm that concern! If you have a Paper Source near you, you can go in the store and pick up a copy of a myAgenda. They don't have all of the colors but it'll help you get a better grasp on its size and weight.

  4. Oooo and also what pens do you use in your agenda? I love the colors :) Ok! I'm done, lol!

    1. Thanks!! :) I use REALLY fine point pens for black ink because it makes it look so much more polished and professional. And I'm a SUCKER for colored pens. I love felt tipped pens but these assorted gel pens have been working really great as long as you let them dry a few seconds first!

      Black pens: Pilot G-2 Retractable Gel Pens, 0.38 mm, Ultra Fine Point(

      Colored pens: Paper Mate Retractable Gel Pens, 0.7 mm, Medium Point(

  5. Hi! What size is this myAgenda you are posting about? Is it the normal standard myAgenda or the mini? Thank you :)