Pinspiration: Washi Tape

We already know just how much I love agendas, so imagine my excitement when I came across this colorful image on pinterest! #swoon

This picture was originally posted on Take Two They're Small back in March but somehow I just discovered it via pinterest. The tape used here is called Washi Tape and I have absolutely never heard of it until now... but I love it! You can find Washi Tape all over etsy and specialty websites but I'm hoping to score some at my local craft store - I'll keep you updated!

The great thing about this Washi Tape is that it is transparent and easily removed and replaced. That kind of flexibility in a agenda is absolutely priceless! I hate it when I have to scratch things out because plans changed. Plus, the tape comes in so many different colors, patterns, and sizes, that it would be extremely helpful in color coding your schedule. 

Washi Tape FAQ

What is Washi Tape? 
Find a brief explanation here!

Where are some places that can I find Washi Tape? 

Have you ever used Washi Tape? Know where I can find some in person? Comment and share your wisdom with the rest of us! 


  1. Hello, I love washi tape too. I'm in South Africa but I buy all mine from etsy. My favourite shop is :) I also have a number of projects on my blog if you want to come have a look :)

    1. Hi Marcia! Thanks for your comment :) Thanks for sharing that shop and your blog! I'm going to go look at both right now :)