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I have never been very good at making myself work out. I just haven't found the right way to stay fit and stick to it. Running is very trying for me mentally and I just don't enjoy it... at least not yet. Then there's yoga. I love the stretch it gives me and I feel great afterwards, but the slow pace just kills me sometimes. So what can I do that will keep me entertained, motivated, and excited to keep going back? 

While reading a favorite blog of mine, Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth, I came across a type of workout I had never heard of before, The Bar Method. A workout that involves a ballet barre, special socks, upbeat music, and an all-over workout. The only problem was that there wasn't a Bar Method near me. So I began looking around the area and came across Pure Barre

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After looking at their website and reading testimonials, I was ready to give this a try. These people seemed like me and they all spoke of the "addiction" they had to Pure Barre. I laughed to myself, thinking I could never be "addicted" to any kind of work out, but I hoped that I was wrong. 

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The next morning I booked a class and anxiously got dressed and went to Pure Barre. I wasn't sure what to expect but I was excited to try this out. Each class is 55 minutes long and designed for all levels. What that means is that the instructor will lead the class at a medium-type level and tell you how to make it harder or easier. There were five or six of us who were first-timers in this class and I was so relieved to not be the only new one.

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Although you can just wear normal socks, I went ahead and bought the special gripper socks. Thankfully, they provide all the accessories you need for the workout: the barre, weights, a small ball, elastic band, and a really thick mat. The class has five different parts: a warm up, arms, legs, butt, and abs. 

And let me tell you, those 55 minutes FLEW by! It was, without a doubt, the hardest workout of my entire life... but I LOVED it! Every minute was challenging but rewarding. They say if your legs aren't shaking during the workout then you need to make it harder for yourself. Pushing through the workout while your legs are shaking was exhilarating. It gave me such a sense of accomplishment - to know that I had conquered my own doubts and pushed through the whole work out... shaky legs and all!

I left the class feeling invigorated, exhausted, and happy. I had finally found a workout that I enjoyed! Not only did I enjoy it, but I felt like it really had the potential to change my body and get me fit. was sore for an entire week. No lie. Possibly even more. But it was great and I can't wait to go back for more!!

If you're looking for a way to increase your strength and flexibility, get fit, and have fun, this is definitely a great way to go!  

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