Casual Friday: Coral Accessories

Since starting my job, I have come to truly appreciate Casual Friday. Sure you can get away with wearing jeans, a plain top, and flat sandals, but that's not how to make a good impression at work. The trick is to find a way to be more casual and comfortable while still putting forth an effort and looking professional. I think the best way to do that is to start with a casual foundation - a simple top and jeans - and use accessories to top it all off. 

Casual Friday: Coral Accessories

Casual Friday: Coral Accessories by organizedmeg featuring wedge shoes

In this outfit, we pull the peachy/coral color from the top and exploit it by using bright coral accessories. The structured bag, chandelier earrings, and wedges take this outfit to the next level and show that you put in an effort to look your best at work. Just because you get to wear jeans, doesn't mean you should act like you don't care. 

Plus, being excited about your outfit will make you more confident, energetic, and excited for work. What a great way to end the week! 

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