Monday Motivation: Outside Your Comfort Zone

It's Monday again, which means it's time for Monday Motivation!

Whatever the week ahead may look like for you, chances are that you're going to be challenged to go outside of your comfort zone at some point.  I hope that this quote reassures you and motivates you to take the challenge.

Whatever dreams and hopes we have, the only way to reach them is to step outside of our comfort zone. Think back to any new experience you had. You may have been nervous, anxious, self-conscious, or excited. Now, think about how great you felt when you saw how much you grew as a person from that experience. No matter the outcome, you learned something about yourself. That step outside of your comfort zone stretched you and made you a better you. If you think back early enough, chances are that some of those experiences end up being crucial steps in the journey to where you are now. 

So, whether you're interviewing for a job, meeting new people, adjusting to a new role, moving to a new place, or just trying to find your way, be encouraged that every time you put yourself out there and go out of your comfort zone, you will be one step closer to being who you were meant to be. 

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